Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kavli HUMAN Project Documentary

Video created by Laia Cabrera & Co.
Shot in New York, Boston and Washington DC.

"Until now, large-scale longitudinal studies of people have been focused on specific domains of inquiry or subsets of the population, providing detailed catalogs of important but narrow aspects of human health and behavior, such as cardiovascular health or financial decision making. Thanks to the support of The Kavli Foundation, the Kavli HUMAN Project (KHP) will be the first true study of all of the factors that make humans... human. The KHP capitalizes on recent advances in technology and data analytics to gather information on individuals across a broad array of domains—neuroscience, genetics, medicine, psychology, economics, sociology, and urban informatics—over an extended period of time. This approach will yield the first “360-degree view” of the dynamic patterns and feedback mechanisms between human behavior, biology, and environment across the lifespan in a single group of subjects. A new comprehensive view of how these forces interact will enable the development of theories, therapeutics, and policies that improve the health and quality of human life." Kavli HUMAN Project