Thursday, June 25, 2015

Outdoor Video Installation for Instituto Cervantes New York - June 20, 2015

Outdoor 3-projectors Video Projection Installation and Video/Animations by Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger 

First edition of the Garden Party at Instituto Cervantes New York to welcome the summer, curated by the Spanish artist and choreographer Blanca Li, with exhibition by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, performances from Solarte, Michael Baharie, Alex Passternak, Cristina Hernandez, and video installations by Blanca Li and Danilo Lauria.
Instituto Cervantes New York, NYC - June 20, 2015

The Garden Party @ Instituto Cervantes New York - June 20, 2015  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015 Documentary for Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

Video created by Laia Cabrera and Co. for the TDM textile and marketing program at FIT (Fashion Institute of technology of New York) part of the annual documentary film.

Textile Development and Marketing Department
Jay and Patty Baker School of Business And Technology
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
Seventh Avenue at 27th Street - New York, New York 10001

Spring 2015 Senior Capstone Denim Project

Arzena: Emilie Souza (Team Leader), Samantha Bryant, Ciara Cates, Mariana Guterman, Jody Lee, Anastasia Ostapenko, Yohely Salazar, Berrak Tanik
&Loop: Susan Buchanan (Team Leader), Bryanna Grogan, Carolina Ocejo, Catherine Tseng, Wen Zhao
Mined Denim: Adina Klein (Team Leader), Blaze Javier Mandela, Natalya Koval, Victoria Lapaille, Victoria Rojas, Amanda Salzer, Alanna Sullivan
ALTdenim: Madeline Thompson (Team Leader), Aubrey Olson, Engin Gyonlyushen, Eve Benlulu, Gaberiela Ostolaza, Shelby McCassland, Sherrie Uy
Drifters: Maddy Kirshoff (Team Leader), Lydia Baird, Erin Benjoya, Christine Coleman, Leyla Dzhafarova-Jeffreys, Lauren Kern, Eaky Yee Ki Tang
Advisors to the Project
Jeffrey Silberman — FIT - Professor and Project Director
Andrew Olah — Olah Inc. - Senior Project Advisor
Ed Barnes — Cotton Incorporated - Agricultural Advisor
Virginia Bonofiglio — FIT - Cosmetics and Fragrances
Laia Cabrera — Laia Cabrera and Co., LLC - Producer and Filmmaker
Andrea Costa — Costa Design - Graphics and Branding
Ann Denton — FIT - Knit Development
Emily Diehl — Nexgen Packaging - Labels and Packaging
Matt Durney — Nexgen Packaging - Labels and Packaging
Isabelle Duverger — Laia Cabrera and Co., LLC - Animations and Still Photography
Jenny Fong — Banana Republic - Fit/Patternmaking
Amanda Ibrahim — Google, Inc. - Social Media
Ingrid Johnson — FIT - Presentation Development
Channel Jones — Olah, Inc.
Markus Kirkwald — Stoll Fashion & Technology Center - Knit Development
Amy Leonard-Emery — GAP, Inc. - Project Development
Mark Messura — Cotton Incorporated - Strategy and Positioning
Buxton Midyette — Supima - ELS Cotton
Susan Miller — S. Miller Associates - Presentation Development
Michael Morrell — Olah, Inc. - Wet Finishing
Emily Olah — Olah, Inc. - Production Management
Nancy Zhang — Otte, NY - Social Media

Project Sponsors
Cotton Incorporated
International Forum for Cotton Promotion (IFCP)
Jeffrey Silberman - Professor and Chairperson - Textile Development and Marketing Department
Ingrid Johnson - Professor and Assistant Chairperson - Textile Development and Marketing Department

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ronensbourgh Multimedia Theater Play, 2015

Ronensbourgh | May 21 to June 7, 2015 | IATI Theater
Written by Beatriz Cabur - Directed by Ignacio García-Bustelo
A place—a proposed utopian solution to all society’s problems.
The Heiber family lives in a world that’s rapidly crumbling, plagued by flawed and outdated social and political models. Meanwhile a group of aristocrats, led by Helmut Ronen, is creating the perfect city as the answer to all society’s problems: RONENSBOURGH.
Ronensbourgh is a very contemporary and highly experimental piece, written in a Heiner Müller’s style (no stage directions. No formatting. SOME CAPITAL LETTERS THAT SEEM RANDOM BUT THEY’RE NOT). The play possesses relevant questions about identity, society and home; about the conception of those ideas, and the dislodging of the very things our society holds as important.

Cast: Claudio Bandini - Mateo Franco - Sara Gozalo - Begonya Plaza - Francisco Reyes

Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger: Video and Projection Designers
Jennifer Sipila: Set Designer | Porsche McGovern | Lighting Designer
Alfredo Tauste: Sound Designer | Yuko Nakao: Custome Designer
Soraya Padrao: Line Producer | Cristina Ayon-Viesca: Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Cristina Perez Ballesteros: Production Manager | Sandra Gumuzzio & Maria Gonzalez: Production Assistant
Pope Jackson: Technical Director | Allison Kadin & WowMom: Marketing
In Co-Production with AENY | Spanish Artists in New York



Pictures: ©Ignacio García-Bustelo

Picture during rehearsal: ©Isabelle Duverger