Monday, December 31, 2018

"The Now" in the Press - October 2018 - February 2019

"THE NOW" at Coolture Impact has been featured on television in Fox 5 and NY1 as well as on the Art press (Untapped Cities, Thought Gallery, Art Zealous) and Technology press (Digital AV magazine, Illumni) in American (News Time, City Guide New York, CT Post, MetroSource, Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Time, Hamptons Arts Hub) and Spanish and Latin American Press (Agencia EFE, Caraota Digital, Contacto Hoy, Que Pintamos En El Mundo, Opi97, Impacto Latino...), the newsletters of the Cultural Services of the Spanish Embassy in the USA and the Ramon Llull Insitute for the promotion of Catalan Culture, as a case-study from Leyard, and was included as a workshop on "Engaging Audiences with Immersive Experiences" at the Business, Design & Technology Conference on December 6, 2018 at the Centre for Social Innovation...

The Now at Port Authority Bus Terminal - Outdoor on the South West Corner of 42nd Street with 8th Avenue, New York, NY October 25, 2018 to February 7, 2019 (Running 24/7)

THE NOW - COOLTURE IMPACT on NY1 Noticias, December 18, 2018

THE NOW - COOLTURE IMPACT on FOX5 Good Morning New York, October 25, 2018


DIGITAL AV MAGAZINE: "Coolture Impact: el videoarte interactivo llega a Times Square con la tecnología Led de Leyard
Los miles de visitantes que visitan este dinámico espacio de Nueva York forman ahora parte activa de las historias que se muestran en esta instalación Led interactiva.
Esta docena de ventanas digitales, de 2 metros de altura, muestran imágenes de Laia Cabrera & Co, formada por la cineasta española Laia Cabrera y la animadora francesa Isabelle Duverger.
La primera instalación interactiva en el videowall de Coolture Impact ha sido The Now, de Laia Cabrera & Co, que ofrece un viaje a mundos mágicos, espacios ocultos y entornos participativos con historias animadas, en las que las personas pueden involucrarse con sus movimientos, haciendo avanzar las narraciones a través de la interacción."

UNTAPPED CITIES: "58 NYC Outdoor (and Indoor) Art Installations Not to Miss in November 2018" by Michelle Young 11/01/2018
#5. Port Authority Bus Terminal Video Installation On 42nd Street, off 8th Avenue on the exterior facade of the Port Authority Bus Terminal is an ambitious 2,000 square foot gesture-responsive video installation called “The Now” will be up until November 24th on the Coolture Impact Platform. The work is by artists Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger in collaboration with interactivity designers NoirFlux and Karan Parik. According to the artists, the work "explores transitory spaces and unseen parallel realities. A time travel cinematic voyage to visually striking places, live painting, animated characters and evolving narratives, as you walk, move and point to the different storylines.”

QUE PINTAMOS EN EL MUNDO: "NEW YORK. Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger “The Now”"
Coolture Impact is the largest interactive public art platform that intertwines reality and fantasy on the windows of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Times Square.
The Now, the first featured art presentation at Coolture Impact, offers a journey into magical worlds, opening doors to hidden places and participatory environments. The Now explores transitory spaces and unseen parallel realities, in a cinematic voyage to visually striking realms, live painting, and animated characters with evolving narratives. Visitors are invited to walk, move and unravel the different storylines.
The Now was created by Laia Cabrera & Co (filmmakers and video artists Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger) through video art, animation, video mapping and interactivity. Interactivity is provided by designers Lorne Covington and Bill Saiff (NoirFlux) and immersive experience developer Karan Parikh."

HAMPTONS ART HUB: "Holiday-Themed Video Installation at Port Authority Offers a Sprawling Interactive Experience"
"In their current work, The Now - Holiday Special offers visitors the chance to journey into magical worlds, intertwining reality and fantasy, by opening doors to hidden places and participatory environments, all with a holiday Twist."

at the Business, Design & Technology Conference on Sustainable Cities: Creating the Cities of Tomorrow, December 6, 2018 at the Centre for Social Innovation, New York, NY. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Projections for "Jersey City Nucracker" at Nimbus Dance Works, December 2018

Jersey City Nucracker
Nimbus Dance Works
December 11-22, 2018

"Nimbus Dance Works announces the ninth year of the company's annual holiday tradition: Jersey City Nutcracker. Jersey City Nutcracker tells the story of two children's urban holiday adventure leading them through fantasy, adversity and celebration and teaching them lessons about friendship and community along the way. Choreographed and directed by Nimbus Artistic Director Samuel Pott, this adaption of Tchaikovsky's holiday classic is performed by a stand-out cast of professional dancers from Nimbus Dance Works joined by youth and adults from the community as they portray familiar characters such as the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Rat King, and Drosselmeyer - all with a Jersey City twist! Amidst colorful sets, costumes, a brightly adorned tree, youth and adults alike are touched by this tale of Christmas spirit. This year’s performances feature an exciting new component: video mapping and projection design by award-winning video artists Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger."

Tickets available online

With: Justin Perez, Hannah Weeks, Brandy White, Victoria Santaguida, Giacomo Bavutti, LeighAnn Curd, Wilson Mayo, Shayla Hutton, Mika Greene, Jameliah MookMook Cunningham, Lauren Stucko, Eury German, Mark Anthony Rizo, Stephanie Beauchamp and Samuel Pott

Goldman Sachs is the Lead Sponsor of Jersey City Nutcracker 2018