Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Within Reach, a cinematic interactive art installation at Art Wall Jersey City, 2020

"Within Reach" is an cinematic interactive art installation about transformation, reconnecting with the origin, nature and our relationship to it, created by filmmaker Laia Cabrera and visual artist Isabelle Duverger in collaboration with interactive designer Aniol Saurina Masó and composer Nana Simopoulos.

“Within Reach” is a public art installation in a private space.
You can experience the installation and transform it without having to touch anything, and you can interact freely while following the social distancing guidelines. That way, we were making possible art in times of COVID-19! Also, one of our desire was to make the video installation visible from outside, so at night fall and all night, it is visible from the street... and during the day until 10pm, while still being visible from outside, people can come inside and interact with it.

Conceived as a seamless projection mapping design with gesture responsive interactivity, “Within Reach” invites the audience to actively enter the heart of the piece creating a story that unfolds across a series of immersive interactive scenarios. The installation is a sensory experience thought the elements, from the earth to the skies, from liquid shapes to seeds and visual metaphors, and the principle of change and transformation, where the line is blurred between the physical and the digital world, between the real and the imaginary. 

Walk Through a Digital Wall of Nature and Mirrors in This Interactive Art Installation.

Thanks to this new interactive projection art installation, Within Reach, you can become a shape-shifting digital self inside the Art Wall at Coolvines Powerhouse. Only, instead of your image, it reveals an ephemeral body of swirling bubbles, shape of leaves, grains of barley and coffee, and moving particles. 

We are far, minuscule, looking from above, but we are actors, actively morphing and shaping what we see. The sea is moving the trees, from the molecules to the exploration of nature and its fruits. “Within Reach” explores the soul of nature, it’s quietness and its power, fertility trough avatars being the fruits and seeds to the infinitesimal and the microscopic on a journey of landscapes and its enchanting beauty. The human presence is only visible at the beginning at gen end as a minuscule glimpse of looking at the skies, where coffee grains and bubbles are rain on our dreams. 

Once you enter the installation space, a digital reflection of yourself appears in different shapes, textures and forms, and will follow your every move, transforming the projections-visuals as well. Place yourself in front and start waving or moving to see your mirrored image-avatar on the wall. The audience can affect change, create an avatar of themselves and discover ways to interact with the installation, embody the different storylines and share the experience with each other. 

Art Wall Coolvines Powerhouse, 350 Warren Street with Morgan Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302
(2-min walk from PATH train stop Grove Street)
Until October 14, 12pm-Noon to 10pm to interact with the installation (visible as a video installation from outside from 12:00noon to 5:00am)