We are LAIA CABRERA & CO., an award-winning team of artists based in New York, co-founded by Spanish filmmaker and videoartist Laia Cabrera and French animator and visual designer Isabelle Duverger, creating a wide range of multimedia projects, from traditional and experimental filmmaking, multimedia theater and video-mapped site-specific installations. We are exploring new ways of using the space and the visual imaginary as a tool for narrative storytelling and audience connection. Our aim is to revitalize and strengthen the intercommunication between different artistic languages. Our work in film, animation, and projection design has been commissioned and presented in Europe, the USA and Latin America.
We are the recipient of the Telly and Ava Awards for best video Directing, Art Direction, Animation and Documentary, 2013, 2014 and 2016, New York Innovative Theater Award 2015 winners for Outstanding Performance Art Production and 3-time NYIT nominees for Outstanding Innovative Design (Projection Design, Video-Art and Animations) in the last consecutives years, as well as finalist of the Theater Festival Talent Madrid in 2016.
Our latest art pieces with projection mapping include "Shifting Gaze", presented in Spain Art Fest’10, Times Square, NY, (2010, Times Square Alliance), Region Ø International Video Art Festival, with a 360º immersive video mapped installation performance (2011), and Georgetown Glow Festival, Washington DC, on the wall of the historic C&O Canal as a large site-specific video mapped installation (2015), “Untitled Mind”, indoor/outdoor multichannel videodance installation, presented in Art All Night DC (2013); “Aire”, large scale visual concert performed live with an ensemble orchestra, presented in Rome on the historic Tempietto di Bramante (2014), in Nuit Blanche Washington DC on the Neoclassical building of Bank of America (2015, DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities), and Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory (2016, NY State Council for the Arts), “Dragons & Books & Roses”, mapping the facade of Deutsches Haus at NYU, for St. Jordi Festival, in New York (2017).
Other venues include Brooklyn Academy of Music, St John The Divine Cathedral, TimeCenter at the New York Times and PBS’s American Master among many others.


Laia Cabrera
Director / Producer / Filmmaker
Laia Cabrera is a filmmaker and video artist born in Spain and based in New York since 1997. She merges cinematic arts, dance, music, theater and visual arts. Recipient of many awards including KrTU Young Creators, the 2010 Grant from the Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts (CONCA), AVA and Telly awards in 2013, 2014 and 2016, NYIT nominee 2013, 2014 and 2015 for Outstanding Innovative visual design, and Kodak & Color Lab Award for Best Cinematic film for "Under Influence" presented in festivals worldwide.
She is currently the creative director of LAIA CABRERA & CO co-founded with French animator Isabelle Duverger, a team of film, animators and visual artists producing a wide range of multimedia projects.
Her film credits includes "Singularity" (inaugurated the International video animation festival "Animac", Spain), "Is There an Edge of Belief?" (International multidisciplinary art festival Jaen en Femenino, Spain and Bienal Internacional ULA 2010, Merida, VENEZUELA, etc,) Her latest creation, "Shifting Gaze", a Film-Art-Music Installation, premiered at "Spain Art Fest'10" in Times Square, NY, (October 2010), was presented as a video installation at the "Region Ø Latino Video Art Festival of New York" (March 2011), Georgetown Glow, Washington DC (December 2015) and toured with screenings worldwide.
Her work includes traditional and experimental filmmaking, multimedia theater and video-mapped site-specific installations, such as "Aire", A site-specific Multimedia Performance Concert at the Tempietto Di Bramante (Rome, Italy, 2014) Art All Night (Washington DC, 2015), and the Underwear Factory (Poughkeepsie, NY, 2016) "Untitled Mind" a Film for installation and indoor and outdoor cinematic presentation, recently presented at Nuit Blanche DC (Washington DC, 2013), Multimedia Theater Plays "Ronensbourgh" by Beatriz Cabur at IATI Theater (NYC, 2015), "Sincronizada" selected in Talent Madrid Festival, Theatro Del Canal (Madrid, Spain, 2016) "Night" by Charles Mee at the Theater for the New City (NYC, 2015), "Emilie" by Radegund Hain commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum at the TNC-Cino (NYC, 2015), "Cosmicomics" by Italo Calvino at Dixon Place (NYC, 2014) and "Garden of Delights" by Fernando Arrabal, a Multimedia Theater Play by The New Stage Theater Company Theater of The New City, (NYC 2012), "Pikolinos" Site Specific Video Installation Mapping, Meatpacking District (NYC, 2013 - listed as the 10 best designed stores in the world), "Landscapes of the Soul" multimedia visual concert, La Mama (NYC 2012), "Resonant Streams" Audience-interactive multimedia installation performance in St John The Divine Cathedral (NYC, part of "The Value of Water' exhibition, 2011), "Mapping Moebus" multimedia theater play, La Mama (NYC, 2010), "Monegros-Nueva York" video installation held at La Lonja (Zaragoza, Spain, 2011), "Walk Pasa Bouge" Video-Performance-Concert in collaboration with LORROJO Cia presented in New York and Brussels (2009-2011); "Playing Equality" (Dance-theater-Video), Boricua College of New York, (November 2009), Festival Internacional 'ReACT' Valencia, (Spain. May 2010); "New York" video-installation at the Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs (Lleida, Spain, 2009) and "Claim your Place" (Barcelona/New York/Toulouse 2010), a large-scale video-installation-performance presented in the USA and Europe with the support of CAER and CAET and CONCA.
She is also an award winning visual effects artist, director, editor, writer, playwright and composer, she also edited "Cachao:Uno Mas" with Andy Garcia (PBS's American Master, 2010) among many others. Her work in film, video, and visual production has been presented in Europe, the USA and Latin America and commissioned by the New Radio and Performing Arts, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Spain Culture New York - Consulate General of Spain, Spain Arts and Culture, the Austrian Cultural Forum, the King Juan Carlos Center at NYU, the New York State Council on the Arts, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Arts International, among some other major institutions. Her last works were presented in Times Square, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), St John The Divine cathedral, Nuit Blanche: Art All Night DC, Tempietto Di Bramante in Rome, Italy, TimeCenter at the New York Times, Instituto Cervantes New York and more. website

Isabelle Duverger
Visual Communication / Animation / Mapping Design
Isabelle Duverger is a French interdisciplinary artist born in St Germain En Laye, France. She has a Masters Degree in Communication and Arts Management from the Audencia Nantes, France and ASB, Aarhus, Denmark. She is also a graduate of the Estienne School of Art in graphic communications in Paris. She is specialized in animation, photography and installation design, working in New York and France.
For the past eight years, she has been working as projection designer and illustrator/animator for theater plays such as the theater festival Inspiracion (Julia de Burgos Cultural Center, NYC, 2008), the multimedia plays La Jaula Bajo El Trapo (King Juan Carlos Center of NYU, NYC, 2008), Playing Equality (NYC, 2009 and Valencia, Spain, 2010), Mapping Mobius (La Mama Theater, New York, 2010) and Road to Happiness (Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, 2011) in collaboration with filmmaker and video-artist Laia Cabrera.
As a visual artist, she has created drawing animations, still photography and illustrations for video-art pieces by Laia Cabrera such as "Is there an edge of Belief?" (Jaen Femenino, Spain 2009 - Biennale of Art of Venezuela, Merida, 2010), the video-performance-concert "Walk-Pasa-Bouge" (New York - Brussels, 2009-2011), the installation-performances "Claim Your Place" (Centro Español NYC - Tournefeuille, France, 2010), "Shifting Gaze" (Spain Art Fest '10, Times Square, New York, 2010; Region Ø, King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center of NYU, 2011 and Georgetown Glow, Washington Dc, 2015), "Resonant Streams" (The Value of Water series in the Cathedral Saint John The Divine in New York, 2011), and the virtual set for the performance "Landscapes of the Soul" (La Mama, October 2012).
Recent works include the opening credits drawings and animations for feature film "White Alligator" (2012), "City In Motion" curated by Reebok Creative Lab (2014), "Untitled Mind", a video-dance piece by Spanish director Laia Cabrera, implemented as an indoor/outdoor video and sound installation in Nuit Blanche-Art All Night (Washington DC, 2013), a one-year video installation with Mapping for the Pop-Up Store Pikolinos in the Meatpacking district (NYC, 2013) and the animations and video installation for "Cosmicomics", a cinematographic play from Italo Calvino's writings at Dixon Place (NYC, 2014), “Night” by Charles Mee, the Theater For the New City (NYC, 2015), “Ronensbourgh” by Beatriz Cabur at the IATI theater and produced by AENY (NYC, 2015), "Emilie" by Radegund Hain at the Theater for the New City - Cino (NYC, 2015) and a video-installation mapping for the collaborative project “Aire”, Tempietto di Bramante (Roma, Italy, 2014) Art All Night (Washington DC, 2015) and the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory (Hudson Valley, NY, 2016).
Isabelle Duverger is a three-time New York Innovative Theater Awards nominee for Outstanding Innovative Design (Projection Design, Video-Art and Animations) in 2015 for “Night” at the Theater for the New City, in 2014 for "Cosmicomics" at Dixon Place, and in 2013 for "Garden of Delights" at the Theater for the New City, 2013. She is also the recipient of the AVA 2013 and Telly Awards 2013, 2014 and 2016 for the short documentary "Haute Jewelry Designer Alexandra Mor Story & Inspiration" and the animations "How the SHIN-NY makes life better?" and "An Ecosystem Transforming Healthcare Through Technology" created for the NYeC campaign. website

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