Friday, March 25, 2016

Our latest collaboration with Erica Glyn published in the Huffington Post!

“I felt like Dollars For Thieves was a complete work as opposed to 5 songs stacked back to back and wanted to create a unique experience for the record release party. I asked installation-video-artist Laia Cabrera and animator Isabelle Duverger if they would be interested in collaborating. They loved the EP and suggested we make an album-video. When they showed me what they had done, I was so excited and inspired by the duet between the music and the visuals, I knew we had to do something really special to really show it off. For the release party, we took over Matt Torrey’s bar in Bushwick by projecting the video on their wall of windows and immersed the audience in an epic multimedia journey.” - Erica Glyn with Mike Ragogna, Huffington Post, March 25, 2016

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