Wednesday, October 3, 2018

"Shifting Gaze", "Untitled Mind" and "Quantum" at JCAST HQ 2018

JCAST converted a raw space at the Pathside Building, Jersey City’s future world-class arts & culture community center, into a museum-quality gallery space–JCAST HQ.
October 4-7, 2018 at 84 Sip Ave, Journal Square, Jersey City
Event Producer Sophie Penkrat/Curator Tina Maneca

We presented there 3 site-specific video installations: "Shifting Gaze", "Untitled Mind" and "Quantum".

Watch teaser:

"Untitled Mind" is a multilayered mapped installation conceived as a short film video dance piece that explores the otherness in the self, focusing on the idea of the mirrored one, the creative ability, the dream, the unconscious mind. Directed and filmed by Laia Cabrera, the piece is based on an original idea by Catherine Correa in collaboration with awarded choreographer Alexandre Proia. The piece features two actors/dancers Catherine Correa and Jonathan Royse Windham with production design and visual effects by Isabelle Duverger, music by Javier Moreno Sanchez, sound design by Gisella-Fulla Silvestre and Arooj Aftab.

"Shifting Gaze" is a film-art-music installation about choice, desire and memory conceived and directed by Laia Cabrera (filmmaker and video artist) and created in collaboration with Erica Glyn (music, composer and singer) and Isabelle Duverger (animation and mapping). Shifting Gaze is a film about identity, about making choices, a memory in act. Drawing from the body, faces, urban patterns, nature and remains of activity, the piece explores a notion of choice, linked to desire and memory –choice being the present, memory representing the past and desire, the drive for a future. Underneath these mirrored imageries lie many stories about limits, freedom and self-perception.

"Quantum" is a series of videoart pieces about time, life and space by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger

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