Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Projection Design and Mapping for Lachi's "Lift Me Up" music video

"Lift Me Up" is a tribute to late disability rights activist Judy Heumann, aimed at spotlighting
high-quality accessible art and Disability within a pop culture narrative. 

Lachi: RAMPD Records: www.rampd.org
Executive Producer: Lachi Music LLC www.lachimusic.com
Music Production: Lachi and Michael Herrick
Mixing/Mastering: The Pear Entertainment
Video Directors: Catriona Rubenis-Stevens and Day Al-Mohamed
Co Stars: Nell Russell, Otis Jones and Amber Galloway, Ali Stroker

Producers: Arthur Gwynne, Catriona Rubenis-Stevens, Lachi Music Music
Performers: Gaelynn Lea, James Ian, Lachi Music
ASL Performers: Amber Galloway, Aurnell Russell, Otis Jones
Audio Description Narrator: Ali Stroker
Director of Photography: Caroline Mariko Stucky
1st Assistant Camera: Eric Richardson
Editor: Jake Primmerman
Director of Artistic ASL: Amber Galloway
Projection Design: Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger (Laia Cabrera & Co.)
Production Designer: JD Caesar
Special thanks to: RAMPD, Gymnopedie, Quad Studios
Audio Descriptions Sponsored by Google, maker of Lookout
ASL Sponsored by Amber G Productions
Sponsored by Google, maker of Live Caption and Live Transcribe


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